The New New - A First Edition

A round-up of the new brand experiences and cultural experiments that have launched into our world.

Some are part of bigger trends. Most are indicators of culture today. Many are ridiculous. All make for good conversation starters. (Plus, right now, we could all use some levity in our feeds.)

  1. Byte, the new Tik Tok, the new new Vine

  2. VHS Tapes, the new retro

  3. ASMR, now live

  4. Spotify Playlists, for your pet Iguana

  5. Underwater Torpedo Leagues, a Thing

  6. Sober Curious, the movement grows

  7. Banana on the Wall, don’t eat it

  8. Quarter Pounders, as scented candles

  9. Whoppers, see they are really real food

  10. Panera, chases Burger King subscriptions

  11. Gen Z, cannot put you on hold

  12. Virtual events, the now way to do events

Thanks for reading this exploratory edition of The New New, a round-up of brand experiences, cultural-driven experiments, and overt randomness.

Will there be a second edition? Should there be a second edition?

Let’s see where it goes.

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