In which AI predicts an event that brings together communities, experiential beer, and upside-down rhinos.
In which we see more faces pushing into new spaces—including an emoji-driven gold rush.
In which worlds, media, and economies emerge through sky-high dreams.
In which lab-grown wooden satellites, emailing spinach, and many morphisms roll into a movement upending business and society. Meat peripherals moodbea…
In which mind-controlled computers, artificial humans, James Bond plots, and the new/old MySpace join the digital gardens of AI-written trend forecasts.
In which the early 2000s return to find us watching transparent televisions, smelling new spaces, and taking notes on stone paper.
In which digital content has nutrition, any flavor can be recreated, humans are monetized, sunglasses change moods, and life under the curve continues.
A round-up of the new brand experiences and cultural experiments that have launched into our world.
The New New is an irregular — and often irreverent — roundup of brand experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception.