The New New is an irregular—and often irreverent—roundup of emerging experiences, culture-driven experiments, and scoops of perception.

It is written by Brent Turner.

Brent is the head of strategy and solutions for Opus Agency. His past lives include stints as the chief digital officer inside MIT, surviving two startup-to-IPO adventures, running his own company, and leading teams at places like Ogilvy.

At Opus, one of the hottest and, now, one of the world’s largest brand experience agencies, Brent and his teams are currently working with 13 of the Top 20 Best Global Brands (per Interbrand’s most recent 2019 study).

The New New captures the curiosity that is circling through Brent’s feeds and inside his teams.

Occasionally, the newest of the new is curated into one spot.

When that happens, it is published here, on The New New.


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